Sense impressions and our first performance

Hello again Russia:)

Now we have finished our project, and we sent some photos to you from the time with the artists and our performance.

Last thursday we had a lovely visit from three teachers from your school. They saw our performance and they also made a small happening with our pupils. They were so nice and cool:)

foto 2
We have filled water into plastic bags and put small pieces of plastic rubbish and a poem about sustainability in them. One bag per pupil. After that we put them in the freezer.
foto 21
Our artists have put up a track of sense impressions. The pupils are blindfolded and listen to sounds of plastic. These sounds come from small computers on top of the poles.
Now the pupils touch the frozen water bags with plastic items.
foto 44
They also touch plastic rubbish in water.
fot123o 1
Here you can see the paper curtain we have made from small pieces of paper with messages on about sustainability. We are on a real stage in Vejle city in a new park for young people.
foto2 4
When the audience arrives the pupils hang their ice sculptures on the poles. Here the artist makes holes in them so that they can be hooked!!!
Foto titel
All the pupils are getting ready behind the paper curtain. They are  very excited.
After the show the audience were invited to come and see and touch the ice sculptures. To the right in the photo, you can see Christopher. He is from Russia and speaks a bit of your language.
fot123o 3
Here you can see our three lovely visitors from your school. Do you recognice them?


We are going to Copenhagen on Wednesday to perform along with the other participating Danish schools. We are looking so much forward to that.

Lots of love and take care.
Michael and Jette


The first visit of our artists

Dear Victoriay and pupils.

All the pupils in the two classes 5.N and 4.N collected all the empty wrappings from their own household for one day. They brought all the wrappings to school on the first  day where our two artists were present.

We gathered around the very big pile of wrappings and wondered……how is this possible???
40 homes – only one day – what a HUGE pile!!!

A lot af these empty wrappings end in the sea. It is a very BIG pollution problem, because the wrappings make a kind of plastic soup in certain areas of the oceans and make life for sea animals and sea birds very dangerous.

Here you can see the huge wrapping pile and our two artists:
Pernille (actress)
Christian (actor and musician).


On the small video you can see and hear the song and part of the dance Christian and Pernille are practising with us. The song is about
saying NO to all the pollution and waste in the world. The dance supports the words we are singing.

Take care.
Hope to hear from you soon.
Greetings from Michael and Jette and 4.N/5.N:)


Hello from Russia :)

Hello everybody in Denmark!
We glad to participate in CICLO and here it is our first greetings.
My children and I decided to talk and work with seasons, how our nature changes , how people feelings may change, about sustainability of art and music, friendship and love …
All the best,

write you soon 🙂